Air Flow Testing

Most homeowners think that windows and doors are responsible for most heating and cooling issues in a house. In reality, air leaking from hidden cracks, chases, and penetrations can add up to the equivalent of one or two open windows.

Air flowing in and out of a building can cause lots of problems; in fact, air leakage can account for 30 percent to 50 percent of the heat loss in some homes.

While many contractors do a visual evaluation of your home, most air leaks are not visible. We use advanced diagnostic technology to test and record your home’s hidden air leaks. We provide you with a full report of what we find and make a series of recommendations to help you decide the best plan of action for upgrading your home, including both low cost adjustments you can make and larger upgrades for your home.

Part of a HERS or ENERGY STAR audit can include a blower door test to determine how air tight your home envelop is or isn'tBlower Door Testing

With a blower door, builders can quantify airflow and the resulting heat (or cooling) loss, pinpoint specific problem areas to determine where air sealing would be beneficial and when a home needs additional mechanical ventilation.

Carbon Monoxide Testing

Carbon monoxide, even in small quantities can cause serious health problems. We are trained to measure the safety and efficiency of all your combustion equipment, including appliances, water heater, gas range, space heaters, furnaces and boilers.

Attics that are not properly insulated are a major source of air leaks in homes.

Leak Testing

Home Star Iowa’s team uses thermal imaging to discover the air leaks and vulnerable areas behind walls that lack insulation inside the home. We also perform a static pressure test to find installation problems or blockages inside your air ducts. The air lost in transit from your heating and cooling systems to your living space can be significant.

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