Advanced Whole Home Diagnostics

To maximize the comfort and energy efficiency of your home, taking a "whole home" approach is essential. This means understanding the interactions between you, your home, and the things in your home that use energy. As home performance experts, we can see the complex ways your home functions as a complete system and can accurately identify the most effective upgrades to improve your home’s comfort and efficiency.

Having an extensive whole home diagnostic assessment performed is important to identifying the source of any inefficiencies. For example, understanding the way your heating and cooling systems work with your doors, windows and exterior walls will help pinpoint the source of any drafts without doing expensive and unnecessary installations and services.

During our Whole House Diagnostic appointments, our expert building analyst will visit your home and using advanced diagnostic testing procedures, they will identify problems that affect your Iowa home’s indoor air quality and efficiency. We will provide you with a report of the diagnostic results and a personalized recommendation plan of the most effective actions to take that works for your home’s needs and your family’s budget.

We offer a variety of whole home diagnostic services:

Talk to our building analyst about your home and schedule a diagnostic appointment by calling (319) 244-8564.