HERS Ratings

As home performance experts, we work closely with home builders to receive the proper evaluations and ratings to qualify for incentives and meet energy efficiency standards. The HERS Rating system (Home Energy Rating System Ratings) is a home energy rating is a requirement for many green building and energy efficient building standards, and is the nation's leading set of guidelines.

What is a HERS Rating?

A HERS Rating assigns a score to the home being evaluated on a scale from 0-150, with lower numbers representing less energy consumption (a HERS score of 0 represents a "zero energy home," which produces at least as much energy as it consumes), and higher numbers representing greater energy consumption. A standard new home would receive a score of around 100, and most existing homes fall somewhere between 100 and 150.



As in any trade, all raters are not the same. Raters have different experience, training and skills. What are the Benefits of a HERS Rating?

Having your home rated can be a great way for builders and realtors to set their homes apart in a crowded real estate market -- a good HERS score is an objective, measured representation of a home's energy efficiency.

When purchasing or building a home an energy rating allows you to compare homes in relation to their energy efficiency.

  • An energy rating is mandatory when qualifying for an energy efficient mortgage (EEM).
  • An energy rating is mandatory for a home to be labeled as ENERGY STAR.
  • Energy ratings can help qualify your home for certain utility rebates.

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