Our Services

New home energy rating services are at the heart of what we do at Home Star Iowa. Making sure that home builders and homebuyers have the information they need to create a home that is healthy, safe and energy efficient is our highest priority.

We offer a variety of ratings:

HERS Rating

A home energy rating (HERS test) is an analysis of a home’s energy efficiency, according to the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index. The HERS Index is the rating system used for measuring a home’s energy performance. Based on the results, an energy-rated home will receive a HERS Index Score. The score is used similarly to the miles-per-gallon (MPG) sticker for cars, giving prospective buyers and homeowners an insight into how energy efficiency the home is. In addition to a HERS Index Score, a home energy rating also provides the homeowner with a detailed report regarding energy problems in the house.

Home Performance for ENERGY STAR

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing home, the Home Performance with Energy Star rebate and incentive programs for residential homeowners and homebuilders can help you save on the upfront investment in products and services that will make your home more comfortable and efficient for years to come.

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