• Blower Door and Thermal Camera
    Air Quality
    Poor indoor air quality is one of the biggest environmental dangers that we face every day. When our house is sick, our family is at risk of getting sick as well. Although the source of the issues can be hard to identify, the experts at Home Star Iowa are
  • New Construction House
    New Construction Services
    We offer a variety of rating services for new construction, ensuring a healthy and energy efficient structure for home builders and homebuyers alike.

Keep your family healthy by keeping your home healthy and safe

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Home Energy Score

The Home Energy Score is a simple assessment designed to help you understand you home's overall energy use -- and how you can cost-effectively improve energy efficiency. With the Home Energy Score, you can:


Identify Energy Efficiency Home Improvements


Improve Your Home's Sale Value


Compare Your Home's Energy Use To Other Homes


Compare Your Home's Energy Use To Other Homes

New Construction Services

New home energy rating services are at the heart of what we do at Home Star Iowa. Making sure that home builders and homebuyers have the information they need to create a home that is healthy, safe and energy efficient is our highest priority.

Advanced Whole Home Diagnostics

As home performance experts, we take a "whole home" approach to maximizing the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. This means understanding the interactions between you, your home, and the things in your home that use energy.

Home Star Training

Convenient Efficiency Training and Re-certification Courses: Set your business apart from the pack, or jumpstart your personal career with top-tier training and certifications by the nations leading Building Performance & Energy Auditing organizations, and customized education programs.