Infrared Thermography for Accurate Home Testing and Evaluation

Our cutting-edge technology plays a vital role in ensuring accurate and effective testing. We rely on infrared thermography, a powerful thermal imaging tool that is an essential part of all our diagnostic evaluations. With our expertise and the use of an infrared camera, we can thoroughly inspect your home's airflow, energy efficiency, and even the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in the basement and attic.

The Power of Infrared Cameras

Infrared cameras detect the radiation emitted by all objects, allowing us to identify temperature differences. By analyzing the images produced by the camera, we can easily spot heat radiating into colder surroundings, as seen in the image below. The areas of heat loss can be clearly identified as red or yellow, helping us pinpoint the cause of energy loss and air leaks that may be affecting your home's energy efficiency.

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  • Doug de Regnier
     It was recommended that I upgrade my HVAC to GEO by a heating company. I had Rob come in and check my house, he is very professional and knolagable. He ran a complete series of tests, showed me with thermo pictures and real numbers how I could insulate better, upgrade my HVAC without going to the expense of GEO and save more money. Well worth it. 
  • Joan Tucker
    An energy audit can be a pleasant and informative experience. It  was such during the one completed by Rob Novak for my house recently. In addition to many helpful suggestions to seal warm air leaks in all areas of the house, he found a problem with carbon monoxide in one place. The water heater chimney was blocked. There was a squirrel which had died inside the chimney,...
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  • Sandra Schneider

    Your services were great and more than I expected!

  • Thomas House
    The main thing we took away from the energy assessment was the confidence that comes with having guidelines for laying out a course of action. We knew we had issues with the home's envelope but weren't certain where to start. Using a combination of basic and complex technologies, Rob was patient and professional. He identified problem areas and possible solutions and presented...
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  • Chuck and Jill Monnahan

    We were extremely impressed with the energy audit that Home Star Iowa did on our home a few months ago. The knowledge he had in regards to the energy saving tips he provided was top notch. The equipment and the detail that went into the energy audit was amazing - he explained the results of the audit in detail and provided us a report that was easy to understand, not to mention all the recommendations that will save us money. If you are wanting an energy audit done on your home - there is no...

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  • Pat Shey

     As the owner of a 100 year old home, I sometimes wonder where I should start in making my home more comfortable.  Rob came in and went through all of my utility bills, measured every window, checked the efficiency of my boiler and hot water heater, did a blower door test and walked through the house with an infrared camera and showed me where I need insulation, where the air infiltration is coming from.  A day later, he gave me a very comprehensive report that showed me the steps I can take...

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